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Advent Challenge

As I wrote last year: "I am a complete sucker for advent, on the one hand because I love the preparations for christmas, the candles, the build up. I like taking time to reflect and prepare for the arrival of that baby in the story. With both my boys, I found out I was pregnant in advent, so each year I look back with gratitude to Advent 2008 and 2010."

Markus' advent ring made at Kindergarten last week!

And so again, like last year, I am doing an advent challenge: to run each day (even if only a mile) and to blog /or sort photos each day. If for some logistical reason I can't run, then it will be the gym or workout at home. I want to feel great going into 2016 - back into running, having lost some weight, cut out the alcohol and having got my digital life back in order :-)

I am advent woman, hear me roar!