Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Our Summer Holiday in Minorca!

Here's the report on our first "proper" summer holiday to somewhere hot and sunny, and more importantly, the boys' first time at the beach!
I had spent ages trying to pick the very best resort and by the time i had decided (april) this was the choice! Generally, it was good, but it didn't overwhelm my expectations!

Our seasoned travellers coped well with the airport and the plane.

Our hotel was nice, we had a lovely apartment with 2 separate bed rooms, living area and little kitchen. The weather was so hot and sunny, that we needed to spent a fair bit of the day inside, waiting for the heat to go down :-)

Having said that, there was a lot of swimming going on. There was one massive pool, with a shallow sloped end for the kids and a separated baby/toddler pool. There was never any chance of getting a seat though, so it meant spending a lot of time in the water. The boys loved it. We bought them an inflatable :-)

and then we discovered the inside pool, which no one else was using, so more swimming inside and no worries about sunburn. Hours were spent here, until we all got wrinkly and had to get out!

And most evenings we swam in the sea :-) At 7pm it was still hot!!

But mostly there was a lot of grubbing around in the sand, by all boys!

The game of the holiday was Uno - I was soundly thrashed every time by my boys. Lots of eating and drinking!

And a gorgous sunset or two.
Tags: family, holiday, memories

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