Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Prepping for Advent

Today I bought my traditional "advent calendar" of tea bags :-) I bought all the ingredients for our christmas cake, christmas pudding and homemade mincemeat for those mincepies. And to top it all off, Markus brought home an advent ring from Kindergarten which he had made - sorted!
The first Sunday in advent is this weekend, so all we have to do now is make the advent christmas tree pictures!

In other news, I feel in love again with Zürich today :-)

I was pottering through the beautiful old town to get to Schwarzenbach - which is the original grocer's shop. 150 years old, roast their own coffee, stock every exotic delicacy and have handwritten bags with your ingredients in.Staff are really helpful and knowledgable, and when you step through the door of the shop, it feels like you step back in time. Christmas baking ingredients sorted :-) Except for Atora Suet. That had them stumped :-)

I kept walking through the old town and discovered the Münsterhof in full building site mode. It's the market place / assembly area of medieval Zürich - Frauenmünster (big old church on one side), guildhouses on the other. And until recently, a car park in the middle. It's now being renovated and will be a pedestrian area from 2016. Can't wait - it's a really beautiful part of Zürich, surrounded by amazing buildlings and history on all sides. An excellent example of city planning actually working for the people :-)

They had some info boards up and I learnt that a tram line used to run through the market place across the bridge over to the Grossmünster! Plus, William churchill gave a speech there in 1946 - who knew? :-)
Tags: advent, zürich

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