Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick at 4 years, 1 month to 4 years, 3 month (months 49-51)

Our cheeky chappy is loving the autumn, mostly because he can't get enough of the roasted sweet chestnuts you can buy everywhere. His favourite song at the moment is "Marini, Maruni, Maroni" - all about those sweet chestnuts ("marroni" in swiss german). His "r"s aren't guite there yet - so he sings "malni, maloni, maloni" :-) He has a bit of a stutter at the moment, talks to fast, trips over his words etc , so we're watching it to see if he grows out of it. His favourite expression (usually said loudly, to get heard over the hustle bustle) is "You know..."

Months 51, 50, 49

His english is charming eccentricly swissified at the moment, some favourite phrases
you know...
you know I like cuddles and kisses
good night spider
I had done it
Had you saw that?
Can you put that off?

He still loves Kinderkrippe and enjoys looking after the babies. At home, he often roleplays being a baby and he is still very cuddly and affectionate. And most nights still creeps into our bed. which is lovely and frustrating at the same time.
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