Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

TEDxZurich 2015

 Just had a brilliant, thought-provoking day at TEDxZurich 2015! Lots of excellent speakers, interesting participants to network with and I loved snapping photos, tweeting and taking notes on my ipad. My brain is full :-)

Click on the links below to read my notes on each session, click here for my photos, and see below for my twitter stream during the day....

Markus Gross: Fighting dyslexia with computer science | Anju Rupal: Aesthetic activism in the business of beauty | Michael Ambühl: Negotiation Engineering | Nadine Bielefeld: The power of voice

Marc Stoffel: Farewell to competitiveness - companies need a new operating system | Jennifer Miksch: Re-setting the public image of modern successful women

Kurt Pelda: The right and the wrong way to look at the war in Syria | Andreia Fernandez: What happens when no one is watching... and how to break the cycle | Patrik Künzler: Flying through (virtual) reality | Simon Lynen: Allowing mobile devices to navigate and understand the world we live in

Ioannis Tarnanas: Dementia precaution should become as normal as going to the dentist | Florianne Köchlin: Tomatoes talk, birch trees learn - do plants have dignity? | Christian Wehbe: Mental (w)illness

Tags: learning&development, zürich

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