Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Not Nanowrimo November Blog challenge 2015

Like last year I want to blog every day in November - my version of Nanowrimo (which I will do someday!)

Life has been so busy since May, my new job is brilliant, but eats up my time. My energy is spent thinking about my team, tasks, projects etc. I need to get some balance. I need to start running again, going to the gym, drinking less, sleeping more. I need to catch up with my photos and daily snapshots

But for now, I will commit to blogging each day. I have posts to write from August! Here's the list to remind me...
* Statistics of a friendship
* Markus' Birthday & Party
* Update on my new job
* Family Holiday in August
* On re-reading books
* Monthly update Markus
* Monthly update Patrick
* Tweets September
* Tweets October
* September resolutions
* October resolutions
* Update helenpalmer.co.uk

I want to celebrate and record the life I have and live and enjoy :-)
Tags: family, lj, writing

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