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August Resolutions

August was holiday time, starting back to Kindergarten and nursery, birthday celebrations for Markus. All a bit much. Did a lot of reading, no running and some blogging. Feel a bit behind, very out of shape and need a kick up the bum...

Here are my 2015 resolutions, how am I doing so far?

9 books
Love Always: Harriet evans
The Woman who stole my life: Marian Keyes
Then Came You: Jennifer Weiner
Playing Big: Tara Mohr
This book will save your life a.m homes
One hundred names Cecila ahern
Thanks for the memories Cécilia ahern
the unexpected vacation of George Thring - Alastair Puddock
Philomena Martin Sixsmith

5 blogs

We missed our date this month, but we did go on holiday with kids - does that count?

No runs in August, hoping to start again in September!
- Total KM this year: 183.88
- Total time this year: 22:59:51
- Avg pace this year: 7:30