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Swimming to the next stage...

I have been taking the boys to swimming lessons since they were babies, and we have finally reached the holy grail - both of them have lessons at the same time in the same pool :-) And, I don't have to stay wtih them, so I can do a sneaky 25 mins of lengths on a Monday evening!

Patrick finished level 5 of Masters with First Flow in May. He loved Alice and these lessons and was well ahead of the other kids...He could pretty much swim on his own, plus do a standing dive unaided into the water :-) The last ever lesson ended nearly 6 years of weekly lessons there at Triemli. They both learnt to love and play in the water with these lessons :-)

And they both know go to Hallenbad City on a Monday evening. Markus is in Level 3 lessons (he did level 1 this spring, then "jumped" level 2, as he was quite ahead already) and Patrick has his Level 1 lesson at the same time. They are both very proud of their new swimming caps...

I am looking forward to practising their swimming on holiday. Lots of splashing and diving and gliding to come...