Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Markus at 5 years, 11 months

Months 71, 70

Our little lad soaks things up like a sponge! He is counting, adding and subtracting well and I have (reluctantly) just started the Jolly phonics workbooks with him, to at least get him writing and reading english before starting German school next August! He has done level 1 and level 2 at swimming and is now very proud to be in class 3. And he draws constantly and extremely well - I can't keep up with his murals and creations :-)

6th May, first black eye, bumped heads with August at Kindergarten
Started going into the kindergarten alone at end of May (but I occasionally still have to go in wit him
27th June, first wobbly tooth out (bottom), second tooth out (bottom) about 2 weeks later

Phrases & Sayings
I've got a worm in my tummy who eats everything
Skiing is my favourite thing to do in the mountains
Told me the other day he wanted us to have our own house with a garden and if we got a car, it must be orange
My first favourite toy is dog and my second is beaver and my dritter is Schildkröte

Vocab Swiss German / english
Is that okay?
I don't like kisses
I aten it
Daddy buyed it
Is everything good?
I can hardly not hear nothing

And his questions....
How did the people's get on the earth after the dinosaurs died?
Are you checking the weather on your phone? (no darling, I'm looking out the window?)
what does it feel like when you die? Does it hurt?

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