Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Operation Finish Dissertation

Just had an hour long tutorial with my supervisor about my dissertation and feel a lot better :-) The living room still hasn't recovered though!

We discussed the changes I need to make to the literature review chapter, which is currently 9,500 words long (25 pages doublespaced) and which actually can’t be longer than 6000 words – you see the problem? In her earlier comments, my supervisor had requested lots of additions and changes, but today she dramatically scaled down her demands / suggestions !

We discussed sections to cut completely, or to merge, and more importantly we discussed the unifying themes that I need to work on. Basically the whole thing is well-written, but I generally write too much, its too descriptive and it’s not focussed enough. I feel pretty confident about what I need to do to continue now. I have agreed to send her a version of the literature review before Christmas, and that we will work to finish it off the whole disseration after Christmas.

We also discussed methods of working – she’s like me, a bit of a perfectionist! She’s also keen for us to do a joint journal publication together in the future :-)

Tags: research

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