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Palmer and Moran Boys Holiday in Zurich!

We are halfway through our Zurich Holiday with Kate and boys. We are loving it, even though we three adults are a bit worn out! 4 small boys in a 2 bedroom flat in this heat, is a little trying :-) They are mostly playing really nicely together and having fun, so it's worth it...

The exploits so far:
Thursday: arrived, played at home til we all got back from school / work, pasta, then bed!
Friday: Playground for boys, picked up Markus, picnic by lake, paddled in water, train up uetliberg, pizza restaurant in evening
Saturday: Alan took boys to the pirate park, Helen did the food shopping, kids also played in backgarden
Sunday: Alan took boys into town, on the lake boat, then we all went on the steam train to Sihlwald
Monday: Quieter day at home, off to the lake later to paddle

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