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First year of Kindergarten is vorbei...

Tomorrow is Markus's last day before the summer holidays at Kindergarten. A year has sped by. He has grown in confidence, has his own style of "schwiizerdüütsch", has picked up phrases and gestures from his friends, and soaks all the information up like a sponge. Can write his name, can add and subtract and play with numbers and asks me questions now like "how do magnets work? "When the dinosaurs died, how did the peoples get on the earth?" and a few months back, explained to me in great detail about the three types of fly trap plants. He has made friends and feels at home there.

The educational system here is so different to the UK (by now in UK he would be reading and writing) - but I am trusting the swiss system and am just enjoying seeing him learn stuff and have fun! There is such an emphasis here on all aspects of the child, not just the cognitive. They check that kids have built their social skills, have the right fine motor skills, have emotional intelligence. And as the photos below show, they have fun whilst doing it. He has been on many trips and expeditions! A few weeks back they had their official "caterpillars to butterflies ceremony!" They all wriggled out of their cocoons and turned into butterflies. The new children who start in August will then be the caterpillars! Markus was very proud of his transformation!

Plus since January he has been cycling 1.5km each way with me to Kindergarten. Before that he was on th back of my bike. He has gained in confidence and now really needs a bigger bike with gears. He races people up the pedestrian enge tunnel on ramp and his little legs are a blur! He has learned to stand up and pedal to get up hills and can look behind him safely whilst cycling.

then/now cycling photos (August 2014 & July 2015)

then/now at kindergarten (August 2014 & July 2015)

A year of fun...
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