Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

11-20 of my 100 Favourite Things


11. Listening to the roar of the salty sea
12. Talking on the phone with a loved one
13. The sound of wood pigeons (because Summer’s on the way!)
14. Swimming in the lake (Zuerichsee)
15. Practising juggling and passing routines with my sister, and laughing hysterically at our ineptitude.
16. Bookcrossing – registering books, writing journals, creating labels, sending PMs, receiving books, setting up bookrings, finding books – ooh, everything :-)
17. Having a long, hot soak in the bath (plus book and glass of wine)
18. The HHGG theme tune
19. Trying out a new recipe which works :-)
20. Weighing myself and finding I’ve lose weight
Tags: favourite things
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