Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

My week off - Treats, Tasks, Tools & Tricks of the Trade

It has been a busy old week between jobs and I have been trying very hard to not just to do tasks, but also get some treats in - see lists below!

I was mostly successful in balancing tasks and treats. I am up to date with photos and blogs. I can see my desk again. Our finances are in order. Patrick's bike tyres are pumped up. It's the little things that make the difference. I now have plucked eyebrows, and nice new gold nails with Shellac :-) I exercised every day and even managed a misty walk on the Uetliberg. Done some thinking about my new job and got some rest. Even did some reading for pleasure!

However, my new laptop is still not quite setup and I didn't finish one tasks related to my old job. But hey, who needs 100% completion rate?
My work bag is packed for tomorrow, clothes laid out, Sherlock Holmes omnibus to read on my kindle.

I realized this week though that I finally have all my digital tools lined up, synchronizing and working well.

My digital brain is on Evernote. I can handwrite notes onto my ipad (or iphone) with the Moleskine app or with Penultimate and these notes sync to Evernote. I can even export these notes back into livejournal for a blog post. Plus each note I go to idonethis.com to record what I actually got done. here's today's examples. Helps me recognize that I do get rather a lot done...

But I have just seen news abot Livescribe who have a real pen and real paper notebooks and yet the smartpen automatically replicates the "analogue" page onto a digital page. They've teamed up with Moleskine and Evernote. A match made in heaven. I want :-)


I just realized I have no tag for all things techie / gadgety / digital :-( How is this possible?
New tag for all my techie woes and joys and wishes! gadgetgirl
Tags: gadgetgirl, holiday, work

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