Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Markus at 65 to 69 months

Months 69, 68, 67, 66, 65

Another 4 months have flown by and Markus is growing in front of our eyes. He has a growth support and a number 2 blade cut (courtesy of Mr.ncot!) He was very happy that he a hair cut like Daddy :)

He speaks fluent swiss german at Kindergarten and a strange hybrid at home, often using German verbs in the middle of an english sentence ie "Patrick is lueging!" (luegen = to lie). Also German phrases translated directly into english ie "I want to draw something out" (ausmalen, de) for "I want to colour something in!" English sentences also often come out with German word order ie "Do we don't have..."
When I hear him speaking swiss german at kindergarten, he is fluent, with perfect pronounciation and he looks and sounds like a different boy. Slightly disconcerting ;-)

He brings new phrases and gestures home from Kindergarten, too. He crosses his arms (like an X) in front of him if something is "verboten". Favourite questions... "How did you know that?" "I didn't notice that" "What does that write?" (ie what does that say) and "How is that called?" (rather than What!)
Oh, and we are just starting the stage of jokes that don't make sense. The intonation, ryhthm, syntax is correct - it's just that they are not funny.

I think they have been teaching them "Rock, paper, scissors" at Kindergarten, except it's called "Schere Stein Papier" (ie scissors, stone, paper) and he has enjoyed teaching Patrick how to play. Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Too) is also a favourite, as is "I spy" (by colour) and "I'm thinking of an animal".

I want to say he is getting better at getting to sleep and that he is dry at night, but that would be slightly optimistic. We do have a very cute 5 kiss routine at bedtime. Cheek, cheek, chin, forehead, nose - and if I am very lucky, one for luck.

He loves and fights with Patrick in equal measure. They will place nicely for 10 minutes and then I "feel" the tension rising and then i hear the arguments and the hitting. The Adjudicator is the kitchen timer - most often heard phrase "Markus, you can play with it until the beep beep goes." We have just started in the "That's not fair!" wailing/screeching phase. Why do I never get to... Why does Patrick always,..... etc ad nauseum.

He is enjoying swimming but is not being very challenged at the moment, so i am trying to find him another lesson. He sometimes has drum lessons with his friend Venus on a Saturday. We have also started on playdates with friends from Kindergarten, which is good fun. His favourite thing though is drawing. He is extremely prolific and imaginative. He draws scenes from things he has seen on his favourite films, like the Room on the Broom, or from ipad games. I can't keep up with the scanning and the curating :) He made a mural at Kindergarten by sticking many many A4 pieces of paper together in landscape - it took him days...

I can't believe that we have less than 3 months to go before he starts his second year of kindergarten. I remind myself daily to be mindful of how he is now and at every stage. Each time I blink, he seems a step older and further away. And as the photo below shows, he already looks like his future teenager self.
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