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Countdown to next Marathon :-)

So, I am signed up for the first ever Bristol-Bath Marathon on October 25th 2015. This is my neck of the woods, so thought it would be a fun race. However, after signing up, i checked out the route profile :-)

I should have known it would be hilly - I do know the area. Just hoping i will get good family and friend support to get me up those hills :-)

Since i only have 174 days to go, I have sorted out my goals and trainings plans.

1. Finish in good spirits and no injuries
2. Goal - under 6 hours
3. On a good day Goal - under 5:45
4. On a very good day with a following wind - under 5:30

To this end, I am using the ASICs website which takes your age, gender, goal, how hard you want to train (moderate) and how often (3 times a week) and gives a you a plan and goals (for me 5:33!)
When you log your runs, it tells you how many runs you have completed out of the total, and how many kilometres out of the total. At this stage, this should a slightly depressing dashboard, but I find it oddly reassuring and motivating :-)
I need to remember to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable - as my work colleague would say "Es passiert dir nichts..."

Running helped me last year to find time for myself, hold myself accountable to a goal, get functionally fit and have an outlet for my work stress. Hoping for similar positives this year :-)
And if this marathon goes well, would love to run Zurich marathon in 2016 (but it has a 5:30 cut off!)


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May. 3rd, 2015 05:24 pm (UTC)
If you ever want to go on a running date - I am in!
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