Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Getting Stronger, Feeling Better

I am feeling really pleased with what I’ve achieved over the last few weeks, I feel that I’ve really turned my behaviour around and made a difference to my day to day life. I have continued my alcohol ban, which gets easier as time goes on. It’s easier because I know I’m not going to drink so I just have diet coke. I also feel better because my tea drinking habit has stopped. I’ve kept up weightwatchers and have now lost half a stone, which is brilliant and inspiring. I’ve got 3 weeks til we go away to San Fransisco, so I’d like to lose a little more before then! I have also made the big step of finally cancelling LA Fitness.

Work is still busy and a bit stressful with all the Belgium testing, but I’ve been trying hard at Rodwell to only do my hours, nothing more. I’ve got back to my reading, belatedly and think I’m on track to catch up and get my draft essay in on time. I have so many plans for when I get back from holiday and when I start my second module.

• Holiday – Read trashy novels, eat and drink in moderation, do lots of exercise – walking, cycling, swimming, rollerblading and relax and be intimate with Alan.

• During my holiday I won’t worry about work or study.

• Do some reading every week, even if its only a few hours. I can’t afford to use my “all or nothing” strategy. A few hours is better than nothings and stops the panic at the end!

• Read during the week, and then do the review exercises or notes at the weekend

• At the weekends, I should realistically aim on an absolute maximum of 5 hours and if I’m on night shift, I should discount the weekend altogether!

• Start extra reading, learn some statistics and buy a book on doing research in preparation for my dissertation. Start early!

• Use Hotline more

• Join Holmes Place and do 3 classes a week – ie pilates, yoga and swissball – as well as swimming and regular Pilates with Tracy

• Use the Autumn to get functionally fit and running again.
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