Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Back to Work, Books, Running & another (Garmin) Gadget

The first week back at work and school after Christmas break is always rough and tough. Work was busier than it should have been - took me 4 days to get on top of my emails and to remember what I was supposed to be doing - and I had only had 2 weeks off!

We got some nice photos of our us in front of the Christmas tree - I love the second, with my kids sticking their tongues out. I now understand why my Mum got so annoyed when we pulled faces and never let her get any "nice photos" of us all!
IMG_1134 IMG_1122

In other news, I have read 6 books already and it's only 11th January!

My running challenge Jantastic has been a bit harder. The Challenge runs Jan - Mar and you set your own targets. In January it's about setting a routine. I thought 3 runs a week of 30 minutes would be eay to do - but this first week I nearly didn't manage it. My runs have been slow and hard going. The only highlight was realizing that if Markus rides his bike home from Kindergarten and run, he is the perfect pacer :-)

Oh, and I am loving my new Garmin vivosmart. Tracks my steps, sleep, links to myfitnesspal and shows me my text messages. My dear husband despairs of my gadget habit!
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