Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

@40 Challenge Update - End of 2014

My @40 challenge was originally intended to run from May 7th 2013 to May 6th 2014. Then of course I realized that I had taken on too many challenges for this to be feasible, many challenges were weekly or monthly, so a lot of work.

However, taking stock at the end of 2014, I have completed 20 of the 40, have 12 in progress and haven't started 8 of them - see below. Most of the ones not started involve long term craft projects that i keep putting off. Nonetheless, these are all challenges that I do want to completely, so who cares if the remaining 20 challenges take me until I'm 50 to complete :-)

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1. Reflect on the 40 best things I have done in my life so far
2. Find a userpic for @40
8. Visit Cheryl
12. Weekend in Brussels
13. Weekend in Manchester
14. Visit Parents on barge
15. Swim across Zurich lake in summer (and/or limmat river swim in December)
21. Attend TED zuerich in Oct 2013
31. Relive my student days in Sheffield
27. Attend 4 cultural events
5. Family Palmer weekend in UK
7. Night away with Mr.Ncot (without boys!) at Montana Hotel, Lucerne
6. Monthly dates with Mr.Ncot
16. Half Marathon / Marathon
19. Walk on Uetliberg once a month
23. Blog weekly
28. Redesign www.helenpalmer.co.uk (using flavors me)
39. Become a mentor
40. Alan's Joker
25. Family Photo Shoot

In Progress
4. 40 cups of tea with friends
17. Learn 40 new recipes
18. Find and reach my ideal weight for health and fitness
38. Find my next job
11. Replace engagement ring
20. Find spiritual director / church / nourish my spiritual self
26. Create album for me about being 40
29. Go to a radio or tv recording in London (have I got news for you, the news quiz, the now show etc)

Not started yet
3. Plan a family holiday in Canada in 2015 or 2016
9. Plant a Tree
10. Create a time capsule box for when I'm 80! (40 photos / cards / momentos)
22. Sail on Zurich Lake
30. Complete my patchwork quilt
32. Create photo album of professional shoots
33. Cake baking / decorating course / cooking course
34. Take a private skiing lesson (either downhill or cross country)
35. Finish wedding sampler for M&M
36. Finish our wedding album !
37. Find a PhD supervisor (and therefore a topic)
24. Nanowrimo 2013
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