Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

My Journalling Habit!

I have been really enjoying my advent blogging streak - it feels really to good to have written and closed some gaps from the last year. I have always known that blogging, writing, photos keeps me grounded, but after doing my MBTI (Myer briggs type indicator) course last year, I realized why. I am an introverted sensor, which means that i have rich internal world and I rely on what my senses to make sense of the world. Examining and reflecting on my past helps me deal with the present and the future. It was a relief to find this out, explained a few things about me!

I have been blogging on livejournal since May 16th 2005. When I started clearing through my things last year, i realized that I wrote in private notebooks throughout university about study, religion, friends, relationships. I wrote throughtout my gap year in Sri Lanka, and before that during A-levels. Then I found scrapbooks I had made about trips to Norway in 1987 (International Scout camp) and a school exchange trip to Hannover in 1988. And then I found the christmas diaries my Mum encouraged us to write as children, the first one was dated 1978 (I was 5!) and we wrote every day and drew a picture.

But my reckoning, that's 36 years of journalling, on and off :-)

1978 Christmas Diary 1979 Christmas 1980 Christmas Diary 1981 Diary 1982 Christmas 1982 Diary 1984 Diary 1992 1995 2013 2013_09_04
Tags: lj, self_reflection, writing

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