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Running history (part 2)

I wrote in 2006 about my running history 1999 to 2006. The story continues here...with the second part of my running story, 2006 to 2014. From 2006, my races are documented here on livejournal under the running tag.

2014-11-01 08.42.50

Dec 2006 Silvesterlauf 8.6m, 51:44
Ran throughout 2007 and into Aug 2008
Oct 2011, spordically into 2012 (from April runmeter app)
June 2012 Frauenlauf 5K 35.36
Greifenseelauf 2012 10K 1:14:30 (with Sal, very slow, but we got round!)
Off on and on in 2013
Dec 2013 Silvesterlauf 1:09:11
6th April 2014 - Zurich 10K, 1:07:55
10 May 2014 - Berne, 10 miles (16km), 01.59.27
1 June 2014 - Winterthur, 21K, 2:33:25
15 June 2014 - Berne, 10K, 1:09:20
20 Sept 2014 - Uster, 21K, 2:41:16
2 Nov 2014 - New York Marathon, 06:05:01

And here are my 10K Results over the years:
Berne Frauenlauf 2014 1:09:20
Zurich Citylauf 2014 1:07:55
Silvesterlauf 2013 1:09:11
Greifenseelauf 2012 1:14:30
Greifenseelauf 2006 1:03.06
London Women's 10K 1:02:17

I am proud that running has been part of my life for the last 15 years or so, even if it has been an on/off affair. There are a few gaps, usually to do with having babies, but after Patrick I started running again after only 3 months, and it kept me sane whilst I was struggling at work, depressed and overweight.

Looking back over my results, I am astonished by how fast I was in 2005, my kilometre splits for the 2006 Greifensee 10k (in Ihr 3) were just amazing. slowest was 6:49 min/km, fastest 5:14 and on average under 6:30! I always apologize for being slow and I wish I wouldn't. I am slow, but I am strong and fit.

My fastest 5k to date was on a training run in 2006, and was 29:19. My fastest 5k time this year was 33.01 minutes. Would love to break 30 minutes again! My fastest 10 so far was in 2006 at 1:03. This year my fastest 10k was 1:07:55 - would love to break 1:05.

I love that my running is fuelled by gadgets and apps. In 2013, discovered the Runmeter app and have logged every run since. I also found the Marathon talk podcast. In 2014 I found the run mummy run facebook group :)
This year I bought a Garmin forerunner 220 and it has improved my pacing and knowledge no end.

And now I am doing the advent running streak and have signed up for the Bristol to Bath Marathon on 25th October 2015 :-)
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