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Helen Palmer

2014 The Year in Pictures

2014 has been full of friends, family and new challenges. Alan got his first book published, gradauted his MBA with distinction and started writing his second book. Markus finished at nursery and started kindergarten. Patrick got used to going to nursery without his brother. I worked on a huge project at work, got promoted and ran the New York Marathon with Best Mate Sal! We went on holiday to Itlay and France, met Kate's boys in the UK, celebrated my Dad's 70th Birthday, and had visits from all of our family during the year, plus Mags in Feb and Sal in September. It was a very good year :-)

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Top row, left to right
Feb: Snowy day in Flims
Feb: Snowy day in Flims
Mar: Palmers in Peak District
Mar: Uetliberg Playground

2nd row, left to right
April: Easter in Ticino
May: Helen runs Berne Grand Prix
July: Patrick's pirate party
July: Family holiday in Schenna

3rd row, left to right
July: Annecy with Connors
Aug: Markus starts Chindsgi
Aug: Markus' 5th Birthday
Sept: Sal comes to stay

4th row, left to right
Sept: Chris & Lydia visit
Nov: Helen & Sal run New York Marathon!
Dec: Granny & Grandpa come to stay
Dec: The boys meet Samichlaus in Sihlwald
All my 2014 Photos
Tags: family, friends, memories, zürich

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