Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Uetliberg Walking Therapy, 2013-2014

One of my most successful and productive @40 Challenges was to walk the Uetliberg once a month. I used to joke it was my monthly therapy - cheap at the price of a local train ticket and a few hours to myself. I took photos each month, walked the same route, almost meditatively. My head would clear, I would breathe easier and deeper, relax into the walk.

I loved seeing the changes of the seasons. I loved the space and time the walk gave me. I would always sort out things in my head, come up with new ideas, think of new challenges. Walking helped me to plan my running, set my New York goal. It helped me to figure out what to do at work, how to get my promotion. Helped me to be blessed and grateful for and with the family that I have.

My favourite place :-)

All Photos of Uetliberg Walks 2013-2014

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May 2014
fresh greeen leaves, smell of wood, birds signing, smell of camp fire, easier to breathe
reflective of year, acceptance, gratitude
proud of self for getting fitter and losing weight and getting stronger
love that i know this route intimately
dont like ut when it's busy with other people. hoot of train, warming sun, paragliders

Jan 2014
gorgeous sunny winter day - bright, clear, space to breathe

Nov 2013
cold and grey, but refreshing, still signs of autumn - beautiful flaming beech trees
Walked all way down uetliberg (first time in years)
Lots of people running up the uetliberg, including a mum with stroller!

Sept 2013
room to breathe, thinking a lot about our finances & our travel plans
read another elias chapter, start on wedding album

Aug 2014
fresh green early sun coming up
church bells
found nice restaurant & kids area at Felsenegg

June 2013
mist, rain, beauty in small details
smell of wet woodland brought back memories of camping, guide songs & family hoildays

May 2013
roll of thunder, smell of campfires
cowbells, church bella, glider, swifts/swallows
Tags: @40, uetliberg

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