Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick at Months 37 - 41

I have missed taking the monthly photos of patrick the last few months, so have found one photo per month to fill in the gaps.

Patrick is still our charmer, with dimples in his cheeks, a cheeky attitude and a stubborn streak (wonder who he gets that from?) He still plays up at bedtime and more often that not I wake up to find him in our bed!

He has suddenly caught the singing streak and sings his favourite kinderkrippe songs at full volume, mostly on the tram. A favourite game at home is "Singkreis" (singing circle) where he sits all his toys and me in a circle and we all take turns to choose a song, then Patrick stands up and sings it!

He can almost run as fast as Markus and is desperate to keep up with his big brother. He is doing fine at nursery without Markus, but loves visiting him at Kindergarten when we pick him up. I am enjoying my Monday alone with Patrick, it's good to have time to just focus on him and his games. Another favourite way to fill the day is playing with planes and lining them up, along with the cars. He is still an excellent swimmer and thrives in the water.

Favourite phrases:
Thank you - no problems!
patrick on swing - "mummy my tummy's laughing! It very very good!" #pmm

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