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Markus at 60 to 64 months

The last update I wrote about Markus was in July, just before his 5th birthday, and since then, I have completely failed to take the monthly photos. I was tempted to stop taking them, and to just let this ritual go. But since i have been updating my blog during Advent, I realized that it is still important to me to mark each month, so I found the best photos I could to fill in the gaps!

month 60 month 61 month 62 month 63 month 64

Markus has settled well into Kindergarten and is finding his friends and his place. Tonight we had the christmas "party" where the children sang songs. He looked so proud and kept looking for me in the audience and waving! I hear him speak swiss german more and more, and he sounds so fluent. Tonight he was singing fluently will all his friends and can recite fairly long poems in swiss german. It is amazing!

We have also started letting him cycle his bike to kindergarten, with me walking. Today he managed to ride up the short hills and ride down them. It's hard, but I let him ride ahead on the pavement and trust him to stop well before the roads. My heart is in my mouth every time. I am literally letting him ride away and trusting that he has listened to me and will stop ahead of time!

He is getting so independent and I am proud of that, but it makes me aware he is not a little boy anymore! We have also finished his last swimming lesson. He want to baby swimming from about 5 months and has moreorless gone to lessons since then. More in a later post, but he can dive in (from standing), dive down under water, swim short distances on his own (breast and frontcrawl) and he really enejoy playing in the water. It has been great to see his progress and his confidence grow, particularly in the last 3 to 6 months.

Some of his favourite words and phrases
How did you notice that?
Only kidding / tricking
you are the best mummy ever

Wintery walk to see the Christmas lights then hot choc at Cafe Felix! Markus "this is the best day ever" small boy m's name for dynamite "naughty fire on a stick!"
"this is magic, this is quite a magic house because it has 2 secret doors!" (when we stayed in 2 hotel rooms, with linking door!
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