Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The Meaning of Work, is work with meaning

After my marathon baking session last night, I am tired and ready for my holidays. See cartoon below which made me laugh out loud when I saw it!
3 wise women

Today in work I got more congratulations from colleagues, including flowers, chocs and a card from the project leader I worked for this year. I held a very small apero for my immediate team, to thank them. Before I would have almost shrugged off people's praise about the promotion, but this time something has changed. This promotion has been on the cards a long, long time, before children. I have stuck with my job, even when it was really hard. I have searched out projects and opportunities the last two years and have really stretched myself this year. Made new contacts. Asked people to help me. Delivered on some really big projects. And so I am taking people's good wishes and congratulations, accepting them graciously. Enjoying the success in this moment, and being happy and excited about what I have achieved.

This evening we had a goodbye event for one of our colleagues, who has been at the bank as a trainer for 23 years. Well loved and admired. We made a film for him. It was clear that people kept meaning the same things about him, phrases and beliefs about work and life that he holds dear. There were three things that were mentioned by almost everybody. His messages and beliefs are consistently and clearly communicated every day. I hope that when I retire I will leave behind such a positive work legacy.
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