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Palmer Party & Adoption Court Appearance!

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My sister's adoption of W&J was officially signed off by the Judge this autumn, so last weekend she threw a big party for family and friends in Manchester on the Saturday evening, followed by the "Official" court appearance for the boys on the Tuesday. Alan and Patrick stayed just for the weekend, Markus and I left Tuesday evening.

We had a wonderful time. The photos don't show Kate's boys, as for obvious reasons, she wants to keep them off the internet as long as possible. All 4 boys played beautifully together. The party was a roaring success, Kate had made a wonderful cake. She teared up when she made her speech. It was lovely to meet all her local and church friends who are supporting them. During the weekend there was also a trip to the local stately home so Markus could play on the playground and ride James' bike when he was in school on the Monday.

The course appearance on Tuesday was short and sweet. Kate got all her official paperwork, the boys got their certificate from the judge who was lovely. The Boys got to sit on the judge's chair and try on his wig. W got a little carried away with the power and kept yelling "All Rise" - so we did! Kate took us all out for lunch afterwards, including the boys' foster parents. It was wonderful. And it is amazing to see Kate and the boys develop as a family. Roll on the next visit. They hope to come here next Summer.
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