Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

First Race with Markus, Silvesterlauf 2014

Race results update:
12mins 13secs (the winners did 1.6km in 6mins 58 secs)
We placed 408 out of 785!


I am running every day in advent, for at least a mile. Today is day 14 and Markus joined me. We ran the annual Zürich Silvesterlauf in the parent and child catgegory. We did our 1.6 km race in 12.33 mins and it was fab.

I was a bit concerned about the start - there were a lot of people - small kids and big adults - and we were a bit apprehensive, but he held it together. As soon as we crossed the line and started running, he relaxed and smiled.

We agreed on 3 rules for the our race - 1. We would run our own race, 2. Smile and enjoy it (his addition "don't run away from mummy") and 3. Smile and have a strong sprint across the line. He passed all 3 with flying colours.

He didn't walk once, he ran on his own for a bit, he found gaps and overtook people (but politely of course!), he ran all the way up the steep hill and he had a strong sprint finish.

His first words after finishing? "that was too short. When can we do the next race?"

IMG_0573 IMG_0584 IMG_0576 IMG_0586 IMG_0579 IMG_0590
Tags: advent, mgm, running, zürich

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