Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Christmas 2013...

...was a blast! Kate came to stay, the boys adored having her and we had lots and lots of fun! whilst mr.ncot battled with his book deadline, we took the boys to the airport playground, went up the uetliberg, made paperchains! I successfully marzipanned and iced the cake (whilst Kate cleared out my kitchen cupboards!).

The hit present for the boys was the marble run (from Aunty Kate), so much so, that we had to skype my parents and demonstrate it to them! Occasionally it all got a bit much, and I did find K hiding in the playtent at one point with a glass of wine and a book! But she was lovely and babysat overnight so that Alan and I could go away to our Hotel Montana in Lucerne!

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Tags: christmas, family, katethebass, zürich

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