Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Family Holiday (part 1) in Scenna, July 2014

Our summer holiday has been fab. We have just spent 5 days in Schenna, Süd Tirol, Northern Italy. A weird mix of austrian and meditarranean charm! The Finkennest Hotel was truly child friendly and adult accommodating. We ate well, the kids behaved in the restaurant. The child care was fantastic and you could also just take the kids and play with them in the indoor childcare rooms. The gardens were massive - the boys enjoyed finding the free range rabbits, jumping on the trampoline and feeding the animals.

We also explored the castle and took the cable car up the mountain to a playground built into the side of said mountain. Every afternoon was spent in the hotel pool. The boys never wanted to get out, even when they were long past wrinkly! At least this tired them out and they slept well :-)

I think the highlight for the boys might have been the car ride and especially the car train. My lowlight was scratching/denting the bumper whilst taking a tight mountain-y corner, then realizing I hadn't opted for the extra insurance. It turned into a more expensive family holiday than planned, but worth every penny.

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Tags: family, holiday, travel

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