Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Yesterday was our very sedate and Swiss Christmas work party. Sociable, informal, good food and drink, but nothing like I use to experience in London. I still miss somethings from my home culture, boozy, bad christmas parties are up there on the list!

Samichlaus comes tomorrow to leave treats in shoes and he cisited Markus at Kindergarten and was later spotted shopping at The Christmas market. We enjoyed Grittibänz for our breakfast this morning (Sweet Break Version of Samichlaus) and generally Zürich is getting colder and christmassier.

I collected my Parents from the airport this evening, so we are all set for an early family Christmas weekend. There will be mincepies tomorrow (if i stay up late enough to bake them this evening) and on Sunday there will be roast lamb. Oh and tomorrow we go on the steam train with family and friends to visit Samichlaus in the Forest. I am not sure who is more excited at the prospect - my mother or markus :-)

IMG_0363 IMG_0376
Tags: advent, christmas, family, friends, zürich

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