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Tweeting in the Gaps January - July 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I am decluttering my laptop and backing it up. what are you up to? 01.01.2014 11:46

just been to the gym - it was heaving, how strange :-) And last week it was SO quite and empty!! 01.01.2014 15:36

decluttering continues unabated! Bathroom done, hallway cupboard next on the list... 02.01.2014 15:05

shocked at how out of date our medicine cabinet was - we can't get ill now until I've restocked :-) #declutteringmania 02.01.2014 15:59

day 3 of uncluttering continues. Time to sort out the mess that is the cellar. Oh unbridled joy #declutteringmania 03.01.2014 07:52

kitchen is now cleared. Boys room next - mwaah mwahh evil laugh mwaah! #declutteringmania 03.01.2014 09:00

feeling a bit decluttered out! Everything recycled or charity shopped, cellar reorganised, bike clean & oiled. tired...#declutteringmania 03.01.2014 15:41

first roast lunch if 2014 with friends & bubbly to toast the new year! 04.01.2014 11:44
Finished Run with #runmeter, on Ganziloebruecke l... route, time 52:21, 6.78 km, ahead of median run 0:33. 06.01.2014 15:37

finished Play It Again by Alan Rusbridger & gave it 5 stars totally engrossing brilliant read! http://t.co/nwwgY0YVj3 07.01.2014 22:48

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Work lunch lap & ... route, time 34:19, 4.31 km, behind median run 0:13.h 09.01.2014 11:40

http://t.co/JYODsILFxK I felt them falling asleep one by one then, my son, my daughter, and my husband. Awake alone, I experienced a... 10.01.2014 20:18

for my sister! http://t.co/cNRRuIITqi Whatever happens, wherever you go, you’ll always still be living in Sisterland.” 11.01.2014 21:16

finished Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld and gave it 4 stars . wonderful read :-) http://t.co/NSIhGMpJWJ 11.01.2014 21:21

must be getting better at running, now chanting "run plump bitch run" as I slowly run :-) @gritdoctor #runfatbitchrun 13.01.2014 18:21

running when u have kids! #rfbr26 http://t.co/TA2U8vkTKj The delight at having an impromptu opportunity to stretch your legs and be a... 19.01.2014 21:53

finished Run Fat Bitch Run Marathon Plan by Ruth Field and gave it 4 stars #rfbr26 http://t.co/3vPGXKnx1D 19.01.2014 22:16

waiting for the "stupid early o clock" plane to manchester! 25.01.2014 05:16

nothing like sitting on someone else's sofa with laptop and a nice cup of tea! #thisisthelife 25.01.2014 09:38

bliss! Slept in until 11, now making a very unhealthy brunch :-) 26.01.2014 12:34

why is much more fun and way easier to clean someone else's house that your own? #lifemysteries 26.01.2014 16:55

v proud to announce hubbie's book on amazon: http://t.co/WZBEWqwWJF 28.01.2014 11:45
@AR2_C Brilliant! i have just snorted wtih laughter. red wine down nose - nice! 28.01.2014 22:58

love skype! Just met our new nephews in Manchester through the wonders of skype All 4 boys v excited but first communications established! 01.02.2014 10:47

off to the uetliberg for my monthly (rainy) therapy :-) 02.02.2014 13:35

Finished Walk with #runmeter, on triemli-uto k-fel... route, time 2:27:54, 11.66 km 02.02.2014 16:59

finished When We Were Bad by Charlotte Mendelson and gave it 3 stars http://t.co/nezaRS8zRB 02.02.2014 23:26

finished The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes and gave it 4 stars http://t.co/CcpkfOicTS 05.02.2014 22:38

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Work lunch lap & ... route, time 33:33, 4.45 km, behind best run 0:25 06.02.2014 11:38

suddenly we don't feel so welcome in Switzerland anymore :-( #abst14 09.02.2014 19:00

wise words! http://t.co/gj7u8BJX5M Sometimes the best way to find oneself is to flirt with many possibilities. 10.02.2014 07:35

http://t.co/G5rMoAXsdj This is not to say that “what we do” is tantamount to “who we are,” but for most of us, work is an important ... 10.02.2014 07:50

many identities are possible! http://t.co/WE7A0GfUak A very different definition of working identity asserts that we are not one true... 10.02.2014 07:55

http://t.co/kWAB3Dp1Pd this possible-selves model reveals that we all carry around, in our hearts and minds, a whole cast of charact... 10.02.2014 07:55

http://t.co/LqnwksuTJ0 The in-between period is the crucible in which we bring our possible selves tentatively into the world. 10.02.2014 08:06

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Woods opp pfaffer... route, time 1:28:46, 11.46 km, average 7:45. 10.02.2014 19:11

RT @WomenOfHistory: I BELIEVE THAT HAPPY GIRLS ARE THE PRETTIEST GIRLS. -Audrey Hepburn 14.02.2014 11:07
finished Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Melton and gave it 5 stars. absolutely brilliant read :-) http://t.co/S2VxCfksZ2 16.02.2014 19:36

absolutely loved this book - so much truth, wisdom & good sense http://t.co/LfaKpjDxvE 17.02.2014 21:21

just told son M he is having fishfingers, chips, peas, ketchup for tea. "Mummy, you're my best friend ever! You'll always be my best friend! 18.02.2014 17:49

@Smueller15 good luck! 18.02.2014 18:32
http://t.co/3mOg3UqldD “There are two types of people. Some are always jumping. Some never jump—they settle down too easily and get ... 27.02.2014 19:57

finished Working Identity by Herminia Ibarra and gave it 5 stars http://t.co/Y5LuMFKNep 27.02.2014 19:58

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Up along down adl... route, time 3:12:42, 12.69 miles 02.03.2014 19:37

briliant article! "Sheryl Sandberg was already busy leaning in. I was busy leaning back on my sofa, with a good book http://t.co/u5gkLpFIVG 03.03.2014 09:48

2 classical CELLOS playing AC/DCThunderstruck- brilliant!! http://t.co/umZAOchDtx via @youtube 03.03.2014 10:32

finally let myself buy an IPAD air! Very excited to start setting it up. Gadget girl strikes again :-) http://t.co/VP0XVV5BxV 06.03.2014 16:42

great article about "run mummy run" - a wonderful community on facebook! http://t.co/fgVwdH2qTq 06.03.2014 16:43

Just seen amazing customer service @ ZurichHB - man leaves work folders on train, goes to lostpropery office, SBB has already found them! 06.03.2014 16:48

ZH Palmers are flying to Manchester tomorrow - very excited to spent whole weekend with the UK Palmers @ Wheeldon Farm cottages in Matlock! 06.03.2014 21:15

arrived safely at manchester. 4 small boys are playing together as tho they knew each other for ever! 07.03.2014 10:45

boys finally in bed after 16 hour day - at lovely wheeldon Farm Cottages 07.03.2014 19:12

lovely pub lunch to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. all 5 boys on their best behaviour! 09.03.2014 14:25

very sad to hear of tony benn's death. last honest politician. rip. 14.03.2014 07:24

http://t.co/Z1B1RUmeJi teddy and owner on tour! taking the post bus up the hill to uetikon for tea :-) 16.03.2014 14:11

and the other teddy and owner! http://t.co/ygq8WXmUSw 16.03.2014 14:11

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Ganziloebruecke l... route, time 52:38, 2.75 miles, ahead of median run 0:16. 17.03.2014 15:27

about time http://t.co/RVTGCSuMuN Time is a relentless river. It rages on, a respecter of no one. And this, this is the only way to s... 22.03.2014 13:21

giving thanks&remembering http://t.co/3WVpX0aCGP This is the crux of Christianity: to remember and give thanks, eucharisteo. Why? Why... 23.03.2014 09:14

giving grace away http://t.co/wObexKk8Z2 Eucharisteo is giving thanks for grace. But in the breaking and giving of bread, in the wash... 23.03.2014 09:58

happy with my lists! http://t.co/6f8JPR6fpB It is Chesterton who encapsulated the truth of my numbering life: “The greatest of poems ... 23.03.2014 10:25

finished One Thousand Gifts,Ann Voskamp & gave it 5 stars, it touched me greatly w/ tears @ thoughts http://t.co/zwuMjv4nmx 23.03.2014 10:28

RT @francescrook: New rule banning books for prisoners is nasty, irrational & counter-productive http://t.co/NQaVK5js7y this is outrageous! 23.03.2014 12:43

Finished Run in sleet thunder & lightning! with #runmeter, on Allmend Leimbach route, time 1:25:42, 6.87 miles, behind best run 8:03 23.03.2014 16:24

very happy to have run nearly 7 miles today, slow but steady, beset by thunder, lightning & sleet :-) http://t.co/Dss3IUCFeu 23.03.2014 18:20

feeling bit down, done-in and blue, but hoping walk to lake will help! 30.03.2014 16:40

my lake therapy! http://t.co/XuCoyes9by 30.03.2014 17:10

best sound ever - small boy playing alone and happily with his team of toy cars! 02.04.2014 13:25

how do I explain to 4 year old why his face is upside down in convex surface of spoon? :-) #needsciencehelp! 02.04.2014 13:27

ah the medical wonder that is the grommet - small boy M's power of hearing has dramatically improved - "Mummy, don't talk so loud!" 02.04.2014 19:21

i do like a good marathon expo! picked up my number for 10k city run on sunday! http://t.co/Iac4U8XP2v 04.04.2014 17:09

ready to start our 10k cityrun. grey and cool, perfect running weather :-) http://t.co/iW1qg41nXd 06.04.2014 06:33

Finished Run with #runmeter, on zurich 10k Cityrun route, time 1:12:19, 6.28 miles, average 11:31. 06.04.2014 10:07

brene brown http://t.co/HkSM2LsErI I define vulnerability as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. 06.04.2014 20:55

http://t.co/lMdr6HVMF5 Rather than waiting for major milestones to celebrate achievements, recognize that tiny, wonderful triumphs h... 06.04.2014 21:15

Finished Run with #runmeter, on sihl, rietberg, l... route, time 56:03, 3.59 miles, behind worst run 4:20. 07.04.2014 19:22

Preparing for my first MBTI Training as Co Trainer tomorrow. 08.04.2014 09:23

a beautiful spring morning, fresh, blue sky, pink cherry blossom & coos of wood pigeons. it's friday. life is good http://t.co/tb7HUnRSbM 11.04.2014 06:34

am already crying at the telly & the main marathon hasnt even started yet! #vlm 13.04.2014 08:49

if i run the london marathon again, want to be with #teamsamaritans! good luck all of you! #vlm2014 13.04.2014 09:01

good luck to all those fab running mummies! #rmr #vlm2014 13.04.2014 09:02

v impressed by dignity and attitude of mo straight after "defeat" at marathon! what a top guy :-) #vlm2014 13.04.2014 12:44

my small boy is fascinated by #vlm2014 & checks the results! but he thinks the runners cross the "finish lion" :-) http://t.co/SElPz68gYe 13.04.2014 12:57

swiss win (marcel hug, wheelchair) at London marathon! #vlm2014 #cheeringforadoptedcountry 13.04.2014 12:59

this marathon fan now leaving sofa & going for a slow long run (7 miles) in the woods :-) 13.04.2014 13:01

"I'm not going to finish it like this. I will be back. It is a matter of experience and learning. I gave it a go..." Mo's wise words part 1 13.04.2014 13:22

"...but the field was tough. It was strong. It was the strongest London marathon field ever but London is my city. I had to do it." mo part2 13.04.2014 13:23

Finished Run with #runmeter, on sihl, rietberg, l... route, time 44:27, 3.60 miles, behind best run 2:01. 13.04.2014 16:03

Just booked a family easter weekend break at this hotel overlooking lake ascona http://t.co/GAEAIwhqIg #can'twait 13.04.2014 21:56

Finished watching all the #VLM2014 footage - just booked Ballot 2015 opening into my calendar! 13.04.2014 21:58

@katedavis in the playtent? That's where my boys hide everything - my watch, my keys, the tv remote control :-) 13.04.2014 21:59

What would my career look like had i not moved to switzerland, then had 2 kids in quick succession? #pathsnottaken 14.04.2014 10:12

mummy hiding in toilet for 5 mins peace + 2 small boys & green pen = lots of green on walls, floor, tables, faces! http://t.co/c2mW0Ur2ca 14.04.2014 10:21

Best 5chf spent in zurich - entrance to airport visitors terrace and playground. always a hit whatever the weather. whats not to like? p ... 14.04.2014 16:24

zurich airport visitor centre - whats not to like? planes, noise, slides and free wireless :-) #howtoburnenergyatendoflongday! 14.04.2014 16:26

RT @SamBaker: "Young girls are taught they have to be the delicate princess. Hermione taught them they can be the warrior." Emma Watson, b … 15.04.2014 08:23

gave "Daring Greatly" by Brené Brown & 5 stars. Didn't want this book to end! Def one to re-read :-) http://t.co/BD0A5rAX1O 15.04.2014 17:43

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Uetliberg circuit route, time 3:17:10, 12.82 miles, average 15:23. 16.04.2014 17:54

finished Keep on Running by Phil Hewitt and gave it 4 stars http://t.co/MNkkeq7Z27 17.04.2014 07:04

Every parent knows NOT to push the buttons. 19.04.2014 19:41

crying as i re-read "the bookthief" http://t.co/LGrUwP8lTr He does something to me, that boy. Every time. It’s his only detriment. He... 20.04.2014 16:08

finished The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and gave it 5 stars amongst a flood of my tears - beautiful http://t.co/j62Cr9eQhm 20.04.2014 16:14

finished Little Beach Street Bakery, Jenny Colgan gave it 4 stars, a fun satisfying read over easter http://t.co/V5Hx4fgq0i 21.04.2014 18:10

completely engrossed in reading "life after life" by Kate Atkinson. absolutely brilliant! forcing myself to put the kindle down :-) 24.04.2014 21:47

Nothing like a day for prioritizing projects and updating the whiteboard :-) #feelingorganised 25.04.2014 11:23

finished Life After Life by Kate Atkinson and gave it 5 stars, abso-bloody-brilliant book :-) http://t.co/Q6Mh4YMaaO 25.04.2014 19:40

the joy of muddy puddles for small boys (& grown up mummy tomboys!) http://t.co/JgwZckXSsD 27.04.2014 14:57

finished Crossfire by Dick Francis and Felix Francis and gave it 3 stars http://t.co/x2IVjcDb1z 27.04.2014 21:24

RT @SoVeryBritish: The overwhelming grief of smashing your first-choice mug 27.04.2014 21:51

Finished Run with #runmeter, on sihl, rietberg, l... route, time 42:36, 3.41 miles, behind best run 0:10. 28.04.2014 07:16

good advice! http://t.co/IYYwabuZHZ He had learned in the past four years to speak only when he knew that which he was speaking about... 28.04.2014 07:34

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Adliswil, playing... route, time 1:53:17, 9.36 miles, average 12:06. 28.04.2014 16:11

RT @presentationzen: "Technology is a tool, *not* a learning outcome." Indeed. @KellyHinesDE http://t.co/r0gN84tqce 28.04.2014 16:28

v chuffed to have run 9.36 miles in 1hr 53m 16. might just do the berne 10m on 10th may under 2hr cut off :-) #rfbr http://t.co/qZk4lPfK1M 28.04.2014 16:44

@gretchenrubin and a lovely photo of Clifton suspension bridge in background #ilovebristol 29.04.2014 20:43

am starting a series of tweets about our family home. Lots of happy memories & photos to share #theanchorage http://t.co/kQ0SbaeFlh 29.04.2014 20:45

"The Anchorage" was the house that martin built, 40 years ago. He is the original bob the builder! #theanchorage http://t.co/GzpvXmMDE1 29.04.2014 20:46

It was a family project, my dad, mum & grandma bought the land. This cottage sadly had to go! #theanchorage http://t.co/sl6W8DevUg 29.04.2014 20:48

Dad the builder got a shiny yellow bulldozer & started clearing space for the new house #theanchorage http://t.co/d3auzwLBub 30.04.2014 20:44

And then the old cottage was gone, the plot was cleared & a space ready for the new house #theanchorage http://t.co/QfxlvcgDUw 30.04.2014 20:53

My Mum inspects the foundations of their new life in Frenchay, Bristol #theanchorage http://t.co/jjCFmj6qBq 30.04.2014 20:55

A 93yr old woman in Australia has just got her PhD in economics, fantastic! #nevertoolatetostudy http://t.co/bgWHJsUaq4 via @tagesanzeiger 30.04.2014 21:28

just finished the wonderful "signature if all things" by liz gilbert. best book ever! http://t.co/9Qhao5lHso She finished the book an... 30.04.2014 21:56


Finished Run with #runmeter, on Katies run route, time 1:55:47, 9.01 miles, average 12:51. 01.05.2014 09:03

This photo shows that the house was built into the side of a hillside! #theanchorage http://t.co/lOiPSlUeNK 01.05.2014 18:38

The house begins to take shape! look at those quarry walls behind! #theanchorage http://t.co/ubHGQZ9hup 01.05.2014 18:39

thought it was just a family myth, but I was part of the building team. here sleeping on site... #theanchorage http://t.co/vJ5L4uk2w2 01.05.2014 18:42

... and here I survey the scene & supervise work, helping Dad! No health and safety in the early 70s! #theanchorage http://t.co/yQ8qQKeQYR 01.05.2014 18:43

the new house takes shape, shrouded in scaffolding #theanchorage http://t.co/V3kyvilT5j 03.05.2014 15:38
and more scaffolding! #theanchorage http://t.co/IRn0XxaGpD 03.05.2014 15:42

Pearces Hill is closed so that pipes & drains can be laid! #theanchorage http://t.co/Dm38XZDyrZ 03.05.2014 16:43

The Anchorage as seen from vassall's park opposite - house is being built into a quarry! #Theanchorage http://t.co/LUcGrOngeB 03.05.2014 16:48

Dad begins the battle with the garden that continued for 40 years. Garden is at roof height of house! #theanchorage http://t.co/3tkleZy9DO 03.05.2014 17:24

Finished Run Intervals with #runmeter, on Sihl fartlek circuit route, time 18:23, 1.71 miles, tempo circuit covered 0.91 miles 03.05.2014 18:12

finished Marathoning for Mortals by John Bingham and gave it 4 stars http://t.co/Gy0AKqH7DD 04.05.2014 12:58

starting my uetliberg therapy on a beautiful may afternoon! http://t.co/292p2Al3Uq 04.05.2014 14:51

a nice cup of tea tastes even nicer when drunk outdoors! #thingsyourmumtoldyou http://t.co/VwL0mlF0nc 04.05.2014 14:52

Finished Run with #runmeter, on uetliberg to fels... route, time 1:03:44, 3.33 miles, ahead of best run 6:18. 04.05.2014 17:55

I would love to be able to run a 5 hour marathon! Proud to be fit but slow... http://t.co/M6VPDRcms9 "That's right," I said. "That's ... 04.05.2014 19:29

good read, full of sound advice! http://t.co/QscBRjs0LF 04.05.2014 19:30

House building started autumn 72, I was born May 73 & my parents, Grandma & I moved in Feb 74! #theanchorage http://t.co/oQLUguK16U 04.05.2014 19:42

Mum & Dad named their house "the anchorage", a place to set down roots, a safe haven for their family to always return to! #theanchorage 04.05.2014 19:44

Toddler Helen outside house on forecourt with our first family dog, the black lab "Jibby" #theanchorage http://t.co/ajurmE0XrG 04.05.2014 19:46

Helen outside house meeting my godfather Gerry for the first time. He was a central figure in my life. #theanchorage http://t.co/SXhasGHFiD 04.05.2014 19:47

My mum used to say the same to me. "Get your nose out your book and look at the scenery" http://t.co/cAA6uBXpQK On one family vacatio... 05.05.2014 05:54

the luxury of babysitter for an hour - time to recycle, do a bit of shopping, then a quick chai latte & blogging in Starbucks! 05.05.2014 14:24

the forecourt of #theanchorage was always a good place to cool down - me here taking a paddle! Watched by Jibby... http://t.co/UejZsrNiyk 06.05.2014 21:47

and after a while, my little bruv Chris joined #theanchorage residents! Exercising our hobbyhorses on the forecourt.. http://t.co/rUAc08cm72 06.05.2014 21:49

We were partners in crime, my little bruv and me, here trying to make a getaway on our rocking horse! #theanchorage http://t.co/YBgHPEVtYE 06.05.2014 21:52

our house had a flat roof at the back, with a bridge of planks into the garden! Note no railings! #theanchorage http://t.co/czq5CFfsSM 06.05.2014 22:02

a year older and wetter after my rainy cycle ride into work! http://t.co/BkkzJ83Zqy 07.05.2014 06:48

we celebrated the queen's silver jubilee in 1977 on the doorstep! here with uncle geoff & aunty sharon http://t.co/S1QDSkASAt #theanchorage 07.05.2014 20:23

Fav photo - my mum, chris, jibby & I on the doorstep, with my mum's parents. & kate on the way :-) #theanchorage http://t.co/DgDuJP2HAY 07.05.2014 21:13

and then there were 3 - my sister arrives - this is her christening photo & we were all pulling faces! #theanchorage http://t.co/CTayaDBjDZ 07.05.2014 21:18

same baby chair, different baby - my little baby sister now sits on the front door step! #theanchorage http://t.co/sxACCNDRnf 07.05.2014 21:19

again, same rocking horse, now 3 children playing on it :-) My sister joins the Palmer gang! #theanchorage 07.05.2014 21:36

RT @PrisonersEd: Italy passes a law reducing jail time for prisoners by 3 days for each book they read #booksforprisoners via http://t.co/y… 08.05.2014 06:13

again, same rocking horse, now 3 children playing on it :-) My sister joins the Palmer gang! #theanchorage http://t.co/OCK1e3Sm3c 08.05.2014 21:07

When I was five, I learnt to "ride" my Dad's motorbike in the garage! #theanchorage http://t.co/lIKORK9U61 08.05.2014 21:16

Shortly after my Dad my taught me how to ride my own bike. I love his look of pride & my little smile! #theanchorage http://t.co/MgIToVINKa 08.05.2014 21:20

The Palmer gang suit up in style & recreate a formula pit on the forecourt. Dig those matching bikes! #theanchorage http://t.co/xBbvFN94uw 08.05.2014 21:24

And then the fun stopped and I had to start school - watched by Chris and the dog! #theanchorage http://t.co/ye3f0EYqQQ 08.05.2014 21:30

Chris grins a cheeky grin as he leaves anchorage for first day at primary school on the common. #theanchorage http://t.co/eTermITVpe 09.05.2014 17:58

and inevitably, kate follows us to school. garage doors now a nice yellow colour! #theanchorage http://t.co/RTn2HgDZdc 09.05.2014 17:59

and now the fun moves outside. Here's my dad and us enjoying the garden! the garden was at roof height! #theanchorage http://t.co/EAwQLj7IIt 09.05.2014 18:01

we were very pleased with ourselves when the climbing frame arrived unbounded joy. Kings of the castle #theanchorage http://t.co/hKMTSr3qzT 09.05.2014 18:04

This is how we got to the cliffside garden - walking across planks from flat roof across to solid land! #theanchorage http://t.co/OxV9AuerRk 09.05.2014 18:09

and here's the garden in its winter glory! #theanchorage http://t.co/0I9qIYRGhb 09.05.2014 18:12

getting ready for the Berne GP - will run 10 miles starting at 1650! #gpbern 10.05.2014 07:22

love my boys dearly but I love it even more when they clear off & I get the flat to myself for a few hours! 10.05.2014 08:37

the winter the village got snowed in, and M&D got on the motorbike to run errands for people! #theanchorage http://t.co/gySfThPPXY 10.05.2014 10:10

Our family was spread round the globe, here a rare occasion when cousins got together to play bikes! #theanchorage http://t.co/zX0GbckdL1 10.05.2014 10:12

my mum's parents were regular visitors - here for sunday lunch. note the overwhelming 70s wallpaper! #theanchorage 10.05.2014 10:30

typical christmas at #theanchorage ! http://t.co/P880O5fmZR 10.05.2014 10:32

at the start! #berngp http://t.co/bG7WxldTQu 10.05.2014 14:43

RT @Katie_Kurz: #teamyakpack running the #berngp today with @nice_cup_of_tea; training underway for #jungfraumarathon ! Hopp, hopp @roomtor… 10.05.2014 22:05

vv chuffed to run #berngp in 1.59.27 w superstar @Katie_Kurz my running coach :-) #knackeredbuthappy http://t.co/5nINYohQ2J 10.05.2014 22:09

Beautiful christmas tree in corner of living room, with Dad "testing" the scaletrix for Chris! #theanchorage http://t.co/kTAWVMhufG 11.05.2014 20:22

Craft time in the corner of the living room - my parents still have that glass topped table! #thenanchorage http://t.co/E55pJzXDMA 11.05.2014 20:24

My mum hosted so many brilliant kids parties for us - think this one was my 6th birthday :-) #theanchorage http://t.co/uyBDbp0Hol 11.05.2014 20:25

& this one was "Helen's Hallowe'en Get Together" - C & K with friends under the stairs on ground floor #theanchorage http://t.co/JvSK0MrPpZ 11.05.2014 20:30

In 1984 my Dad extends the house out the back & I get a room to myself! my bookhoarding begins! #theanchorage http://t.co/dseoE9YjAC 11.05.2014 20:32

I was always a bookworm, just needed a quiet corner somewhere in the house & something good to read! #theanchorage http://t.co/uqFOUhGAD9 11.05.2014 20:34

A sunday lunch in 1987 with gran & aunty lilian, the loud wallpaper was still a fixture! #theanchorage http://t.co/4f91gHHGLh 11.05.2014 20:36

Every family needs to play Trivial pursuit once in a while! 1988 with the Sri Lankan Channers! #theanchorage http://t.co/X1Rof04vZW 11.05.2014 20:37

The bookworm turns bolshy! studying in my corner for my GCSEs in 1989. Books pile up! #theanchorage http://t.co/KzyjWAX1Db 11.05.2014 20:38

Over the years the garden was tamed & lots of sunday lunches were eaten outside, here with my Dad's mum #theanchorage http://t.co/CqSlJdlOxL 11.05.2014 20:48

Here the garden at its landscaped best! Taming the garden was a neverending project for my parents! #theanchorage http://t.co/SPRR7YDNDx 11.05.2014 20:51

My Gran a frequent face at #theanchorage & eventually lived with us. Here with her "independence" the blue toyota! http://t.co/j2eH42iuWq 11.05.2014 20:56

I left the anchorage when I went to university in 1992 - this photo was taken in 1993 :-) #theanchorage http://t.co/mnvQFY4isO 11.05.2014 20:59

I took Alan back to #theanchorage with me. Even boyfriends had to be photo-ed on the doorstep :-) http://t.co/vGH1WqYbgQ 11.05.2014 21:02

All momentous occasions were captured - K returns home from her world tour . Snoopy gets in the photo! #theanchorage http://t.co/4k2Jpxncbc 11.05.2014 21:04

Family lunch in 2000, Kate back from her travels, and the floral wallpaper has finally gone! #theanchorage http://t.co/krOMqRxsBC 11.05.2014 22:43

Helen and Alan celebrate their engagement in Spring 2000 at #theanchorage with bubbly and fish & chips! http://t.co/DKTGFfdeR7 11.05.2014 22:49

I loved the fact that I was married from #theanchorage & everyone pitched in. Gerry in music room making pew ends! http://t.co/N4UweSc5ra 11.05.2014 22:50

Our wedding day in 2000 kicked off with breakfast for both families at #theanchorage - here alan, Kevin, mags http://t.co/oDLUS7tqFt 11.05.2014 22:54

and the day after our wedding, we led our friends round a snowy tour of Frenchay, starting at #theanchorage http://t.co/ctPvL0pqBC 11.05.2014 22:54

2004 was the last "traditional" palmer christmas (ie minus kids / living abroad) at #theanchorage. Happy times! :-) http://t.co/sGLzGdrsCm 11.05.2014 22:56

2009 was my last visit to #theanchorage 4 months preg & moving the final boxes only 17 yrs after leaving home in 1992 http://t.co/BZsFjaLbIZ 11.05.2014 22:58

I will never forget the view from my bedroom window, across to the woods, constantly changing canopy #theanchorage http://t.co/Hbce4N8Lon 11.05.2014 23:00

As a child I would lean out my bedroom window at night & breathe in the deep silence, an amazing peace #theanchorage http://t.co/tctrEMZUYj 11.05.2014 23:02

#theanchorage was my only family home, it has so many amazing memories for me. It truly was a haven for our family! http://t.co/PMoTqhQjju 11.05.2014 23:04

Nearly 40 years on my parents today move out of #theanchorage. Am so proud of them - they built us a home & a history http://t.co/410KByw80x 11.05.2014 23:07

Leaving Home after 40 Years! Au Revoir "The Anchorage" http://t.co/0i64EdT9le 12.05.2014 10:23

"Leaving Home" after 40 Years! Au Revoir "The Anchorage" http://t.co/50rpYYGjVq 12.05.2014 10:33

"Leaving Home" after 40 Years! Au Revoir "The Anchorage" http://t.co/8kZQdGU8pF #theanchorage http://t.co/yhRDVXJF8Q 12.05.2014 10:35

Proud to be an introvert :-) This video explains me perfectly, partic. max party size of 3!! http://t.co/2JJkrIosN0 via @YouTube 13.05.2014 20:23

finished Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg and gave it 5 stars http://t.co/zShqVc4S0S 16.05.2014 11:31

My Bern 10 mile resulta! Plus photo and video :-) http://t.co/aYRZbMh8Uq 17.05.2014 13:42

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Ganziloebruecke l... route, time 49:02, 4.40 miles, behind best run 3:09. 17.05.2014 16:50

Finished Run for Distance with #runmeter, on 10 miles to adlis... route, time 2:05:10, 10.37 miles 18.05.2014 18:48

we are watching "room on the broom" for the gazillionth time, with Small boy M giving me his "director's cut!" #lifewith2smallboys" ! 19.05.2014 13:21

finished Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared and gave it 5 stars http://t.co/whp2byj8K3 20.05.2014 21:13

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Work lap hoeckler... route, time 40:06, 3.35 miles, behind best run 0:59. 22.05.2014 10:50

RT @langenegger: When the weather is beautiful in #Zurich, I find it hard to imagine a better place to live. May in the Limmatstadt. 23.05.2014 18:57

son no 1 watching me straighten hair "mummy? why don't you like your hair bumpy?" #hometruths 24.05.2014 18:53

I told son no 1 that I went for a run in my lunch break at work. "Mummy, why did your lunch break?" :-) #confusinglanguageenglish 25.05.2014 12:09

loved this book - bonkers, funny, wild sweep through modern europe history! http://t.co/V4vwsioe3N 25.05.2014 14:08

#ifttt loving ifttt - capturing my tweets to my digital brain #evernote I love technology!! 25.05.2014 15:29

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Adliswil route, time 2:05:22, 10.40 miles, average 12:04. 25.05.2014 18:38

v happy to have my long run of 10.4 miles in 2 hrs 5 mins. felt good out there! #slowandhappyrunner 25.05.2014 18:43

brotherly love, Patrick at breakfast "I want play with the Markus!" #pmm 26.05.2014 08:51

it is a logistical challenge of immense order - trying to clean the flat with 2 small house-elves underfoot! http://t.co/fo7lzolfxi 26.05.2014 08:53

I've gone and done it now - have just signed up for the Winterthur half marathon this Sunday - gulp! http://t.co/Bmjq4oLVYL 27.05.2014 20:13

My Palmer Parents have left the building - Goodbye The Anchorage! #theanchorage http://t.co/AThJkIO5Jd 28.05.2014 19:39

The top 10 bookworms' tales | Niall Williams 28.05.2014 20:18

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Work lap hoeckler... route, time 37:40, 3.23 miles, ahead of best run 1:27. 30.05.2014 10:58

planning my race strategy for tomorrow's winterthur half marathon. 8min run to 1min walking, to average km in 7.30 = sub 2hr 40. Bets? 31.05.2014 18:04

what motivational chants should i use tomorrow? slow & steady wins the race? slow, strong & stubborn plods on? run mummy run? answers please 31.05.2014 18:05

my half marathon running playlist now has 45 banging tracks totalling 2hrs 45 mins! run and rock on :-) 31.05.2014 19:51


on train to winterthur for race. nails & splits done! http://t.co/ffXrlYjJDq 01.06.2014 05:47
10 mins to start. wish me luck :-) http://t.co/w0KDAgyLwn 01.06.2014 07:21

km 12 at back of pack but ovetaken 7 ;-) 01.06.2014 10:13

2:33:50 a sprint finish and wasnt last! 01.06.2014 10:14

done! winterthur halbmarathon in 2:33:50. very hot. sprint finish. i wasn't last :-) http://t.co/TFilpVqA25 01.06.2014 10:43

Did Winterthur half marathonwith #runmeter time 2:33:25, 21.36 km, see http://t.co/NPiMKxlvR0, average 7:11. 01.06.2014 16:02

RT @on_running: Happy National Running Day! Get outside and #runonclouds! http://t.co/iefAP0CPlE 04.06.2014 14:56

Finished Walk with #runmeter, on hoecklerbruecke 10k route, time 1:22:41, 10.12 km, average 8:10. 08.06.2014 20:22

summer has arrived - first outing to the "fountain park" #happy #zuerich http://t.co/FWz1UXZXqk 09.06.2014 16:12

Finished Run with #runmeter, on sihl, rietberg, l... route, time 42:18, 5.55 km, ahead of best run 0:08. 12.06.2014 04:38

went for 5k run at 0530 this morning - smug is not the word :-) http://t.co/gebbxaKOCa 12.06.2014 05:41

getting ready for the Schweizer #frauenlauf in Berne tomorrow. 10K. Many many women. Now, what colour to paint my nails? 14.06.2014 19:18

today's racing strategy & nails! #frauenlauf berne http://t.co/lAP5XPZBKN 15.06.2014 05:08

Berne #frauenlauf 10k was v hot, hilly & full of inspiring women! 5k pb 32:31, 2nd 5k v slow! Overall 01:09:20. http://t.co/fjQicSg8Ol 15.06.2014 19:09

wonderful feminist illustrated essay (by friend of a friend) on the prospect of not having children http://t.co/ie2PjtyNxc #talkpins 20.06.2014 17:16

#bestfeelingever fitting back into my summer jeans! http://t.co/rhfrDPy1Ss 20.06.2014 18:45

extreme small boy joy at the paddling pool on midsummers day #longestday http://t.co/faXCiIn2HR 21.06.2014 16:39

big day for small boy M - he gets his first bike with pedals! #mgm http://t.co/mWeXZxipiE 22.06.2014 17:41

The 'Always' Campaign That Will Make You Proud to Run Like a Girl http://t.co/Cwr8AEHVOx via @mashable 28.06.2014 15:49

a miracle! Both boys asleep in bed for their nap. #thingsthatrarelyhappen 29.06.2014 12:53

off for 2 hour run along top of uetliberg - in rain & mist! 29.06.2014 14:25


v excited that my garmin had arrived! will it make my legs run faster? :-) #rmr #rfbr

http://t.co/JdlBL7gxkz 05.07.2014 08:22

Finished Run, route: sihl, rietberg, lake, canal, 5.64 km in 37:27 mins, avg: 6:38 /km Fastest Pace: 4:38 /km Ahead of Best Run: 4:51:-) 05.07.2014 08:24

Finished Run: 06.07.2014 21:06:01, Adliswil, 2:00:42, 16.28 km, avg: 7:25 /km, ahead of Best Run: 4:40 :-) 06.07.2014 19:35

nothing makes me happier than an clean gmail inbox & a new hierarchy of labels #geekygadgetgirl 12.07.2014 20:22

stellar customer support & service from Steve & Ronnie at Abvio @runmeter Thank you both for restoring my runmeter twitter feed :-) 13.07.2014 10:39

@BenHatch Just finished "are we nearly there yet" - bloody brilliant! Made me laugh and cry. 5 Stars!! thanks :-) 13.07.2014 11:55

@BenHatch pleaseure- thought it twas beautifully written. And the bit about the slippers had me in hysterics - could have been our boys! 13.07.2014 12:53

feeling much better now that my daily snapshots on flickr are updated! https://t.co/kDThQZt048 13.07.2014 19:47

i didn't go for a long run yesterday and actually feel a lot better for it! #tiredbutreadytounagainthisweek 14.07.2014 08:37

nothing nicer than the smell of (birthday) sponge cake baking! step 1 of project "Pirate Patrick" Birthday complete :-) now to the tshirt... 17.07.2014 19:20

perfect! t-shirt painting, glass of wine & archers podcast :-) http://t.co/ikFz5RDc8F 17.07.2014 21:27

tshirt done! one blog to write then bed :-) http://t.co/fz0AMrSFL5 17.07.2014 21:59

happy 3rd birthday patrick - little big 3yr old boy :-) http://t.co/uyGLxXoNTp 18.07.2014 20:02

feeling emotionally bereft after watching last ever episode of himym! 18.07.2014 20:03

part 2 of birthday celebrations done - birthday cake, singing & presents @ home with the 4 of us.... #pmm http://t.co/Af6gHuTcU8 19.07.2014 16:41

part 3 of birthday now in planning. 2nd sponge cake in oven, to be modelled into a pirate cake later! Party is tomorrow :-) 19.07.2014 16:42

project "Pirate cat cake" now underway-wish me luck! #pmm #howtospendyoursunday http://t.co/4lhwrDVTcB 20.07.2014 08:23

pirate cat done and resting in fridge! http://t.co/ym9HtI9EpB 20.07.2014 09:13

Pirate party done and dusted. Happy kids. Pooped Parents! #pmm
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