Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Advent Challenge!


I am a complete sucker for advent, on the one hand because I love the preparations for christmas, the candles, the build up. I like taking time to reflect and prepare for the arrival of that baby in the story. With both my boys, I found out I was pregnant in advent, so each year I look back with gratitude to Advent 2008 and 2010.

Life has been somewhat crazy this year. Work has been manic. I ran loads, survived the marathon. My blogging suffered, as did my mental focus. So here are my two advent challenges:

1. Run each day, even if just a mile. I have a 10k on 14th Dec and on 31st Dec I want to see if I can finally break 30minutes for 5K! This is the "Advent Streak" on Run Mummy Run, a facebook group for mummies who run. Does what it says on the tin, although it's open to any women who runs!

2. Blog each day, filling in the gaps from the last year. There were loads of posts i wanted to write, but didn't. So I will :-) And here's the list to remind me.

And I have a nice blank calendar, 2 stamps and 2 ink pads to inspire me!

Blog Ideas
- Twitter updates from Jan this year
- Marathon
- Uetliberg walks this year
- Christmas 2013
- anniversary hotel stay 2013, Hotel Montana
- Markus's birthday 2014
- Family holiday Scenna
- Family holiday Annecy
- @40 update
- Samichlaus train 2013
- Chris and Drew visit 2013
- Klimt Exhibition Vienna
- Agile Risk Management
- Easter weekend Tessin
- 35 years of journalling
- Review of Year in Running
Tags: advent, lj, running

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