Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A No Pram Family

Once upon a time I wrote about becoming a three pram family (for a short period of time!). We packed away the double pram at least 18 months ago, might even have been 2 years. And for the last while we have been down to just using the cheap travel pram (best bargain ever - 20chf secondhand and we've used it non stop for about 3.5years!) Best ever return on investment. And this weekend I finally packed this pram away. It is ridiculous, but i feel very attached to it. It was a member of the family almost! Markus loved pushing Patrick in it, or sometimes the other way around. I am not quite ready yet to give it away. So it is languishing outside our cellar with the double pram.

It's strange, but we miss the "last times" of everything. We record all the firsts, but the "lasts" ust slip away and you look back and think - When was the last time I pushed Patrick in that pram? And you realize that you honestly can't remember. And that does make me feel a little sad. We are leaving the baby/toddler/small child pram zone, but entering a new (faster!) phase...

I have to admit though that it is now a lot easier to get around town. And for that, we are now a two bike with child seats family. And we did our "first" family cycle on Saturday which was lovely - all the way to the fork and bottle for our Saturday supper. The boys were egging us on to go faster. I think Markus was a bit disappointed that Mummy couldn't outcycle Dadd for very long. And Patrick just sat in his chair and roared with joyful laughter as Daddy sped past us!
Tags: family, memories, mgm, pmm

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