Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Working versus Being at home with kids

Just read this wonderful piece on Huffington Post UK about the different challenges of working in an office versus being at home with kids. If anyone ever asks me why I work 80%, or "Is that not too much?" then I will point them to this article.

I am actually very okay with our setup. Our boys have really gained from being at Kinderkrippe. Markus is settling well into Kindergarten. And I enjoy my day at home on a Monday, even if it is sometimes harder work than work (as the article also says). But I loved her comment in the article that you don't get hugs at work or sloppy kisses - well, not at my workplace anyway :-) But at home for sure. And now I am blogging, cleaning up, checking work emails whilst Patrick is happily playing away with the cars in the front room. Balance achieved for the next 20 minutes at least.

But the downsides for me? Always a logistical rush to get everyone where they need to be. Both Mr.ncot and I have meetings tomorrow at 8am, which means a really early start for everyone. My 80% at work is not enough time to get my work done. 80% is good and bad. People basically treat you like a full-timer, which is great for projects and challenges and responsibility and visibility. Not so good for getting your work done. 4 days just does't give you any wriggle room if anything goes wrong. And I end up working from home in the evening, or on a Monday, or at the weekend :-(

But all in all, we are happy balanced campers - at least for the time being!
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