Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Biking Selfies - Before & After

In the last month my cycling to work commute has changed:

then - 10 min sprint along the river path to work, take bag from basket at back of bike, walk to desk
now - Get M on bike, get me on bike, squish bags into basket on front, no sprinting on bike, slowish 10min sprint to Kindergarten, unload small child, leave bike in hallway, settle small child for 5 mins, leap back on bike, up and down a steep hill, 5 mins later arrive panting at work, stagger to desk

But I love it! Markus loves cycling with me, tells me "can you go fast mummy?", chats to me all the way and prods me in the back if he thinks I am slowing down! We have matching helmets and high-vi jackets and I proud that we get to work and school under our own steam!

final solo cycle IMG_9245
Tags: family, work

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