Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Endings and Beginnings

July and August this year has been a time of endings and beginnings! I have to constantly remind myself that this is the way it has to be and that our kids are always in the process of growing up and away from us.

Markus had his final day at Kinderkrippe on July 25th and it was a bitter sweet day, full of lots of good memories, cup cakes, hugs goodbye and a few tears (from me!). I think Markus was the most balanced about it all!

final pick up (4)final day (2)final day (3)
final day (4)final day (6)

The day before his final day, I picked both kids up (mr.ncot usually picks up and drops off) and we enjoyed a final walk home together from nursery, which takes a variable amount of time, depending on how much wall walking and jumping goes on!
final pick up (1)final pick up (2)final pick up (3)

Today was Markus' first day at kindergarten. The entry age is 4 or 5, so Markus will be one of the eldest in his year. In the first year of Kindergarten, the children have to attend for 15 hours and in the second year, for 20 hours a week. Doesn't make being a working parent very easy, hence our decision to send him to a private kindergarten which is open 0730 to 1815 and only closes for 3 weeks a year! Anyway, we all took him there this morning, Mr.ncot left, then Patrick and I stayed with Markus to settle him in. Markus stayed until 1330 and got good feedback from his teacher! The first two weeks he will do shorter days, but will then go 4 days a week to the Kindergarten. Mondays we will still have together, Mummy, Markus and Patrick.
first day kindergarten (1)first day kindergarten (2)
first day kindergarten (3)first day kindergarten (4)

Having two kids in two different child care locations, means that the logistics just got trickier! I will cycle Markus to Kindergarten using my new child seat, then will cycle back up the hill to my work. Alan will take Patrick, since the nursery is quite close to his workplace. Last weekend we bought a secondhand bike for Alan, so it may be that he also ends up cycling.
This was a selfie taken during my last solo cycle to work - i always enjoyed my 10 min adrenalin sprint on my bike. But now I have a passenger on the bike - more a workout, less a sprint!
final solo cycle

I am curious as to how Patrick will deal with these changes. Up til now, he has always been with Markus, at home, in nursery. Now he will have 4 days a week alone at nursery. But today it was really nice just to have the time alone with Patrick and to really talk and play with him.
patrick alone (3)patrick alone (1)
patrick alone (2)

Here's to the melancholy of changes, and the positive outcomes that come through letting go of our old patterns.
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