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Helen Palmer

Patrick at 32 to 36 Months

Month 36, 35
month 36month 35
Month 34, 33, 32
month 34month 33month 32

Patrick has changed so much over the last few months - he really is a proper little boy now. he has shot up in height, and looks freakily like Markus. In photos sometime I can't tell them apart, particularly when Patrick's hair is longer and wavier. Month 34 above is the spitting image of me at that age! The last months I have had lots of people asking if they are twins!

They do get on quite well now and can play together nicely for some period of time, along it doesn't last long before there are arguments. Patrick is often the "aggressor", although he often just gets a bit too physical and then Markus overreacts! On the other hand P can be very sweet and loving. One morning (sitting alone finishing his breakfast) he said: "I want play with the Markus!". I do wonder how Patrick will get on when Markus leaves the kinderkrippe. Some mornings they wake up and play together, without waking us. Although not as often as I would like! One day i went in to wake them up, and they had both chosen their favourite books and were sitting on their own beds, "reading" q
morning routine, someitmes play quickly together in bedroom before we wake up
went into room one morning, to find that both of them had got a book and were sitting on their respective beds reading quietly!

Patrick is the action type, we reckon he will be a stunt man. He knows his limits, but scares the live out of us. He loves the water and is convinced he can swim, even though he can't. In the bath, he practises "diving" and putting his head in the water. He loves to dive and given the chance will "dive" off the sofa head first onto the floor!

Nightime is still tricky, he is the master of distractions. He is completely inseparable from his pillow, teddy, muggie ("Nuggi" ie dummy). When upset during the day, he will often fetch these things to comfort him. At night he uses every trick in the book. He wants water, will then say "Mummy, i love water" - beautific smile. One night he woke up crying, "Mummy, Zog flew away!" And in desperate times he will ask for "cuggles" and will ask "mummy, you sleep with me?" Hard to resist him! Has also learn to poo in the toilet, so every evening I get to witness half an hour (at least) of poo performance art - "Mummy, you hear that? That's mine bottom. Big big splash! I do a BIG poo poo" etc etc

June - first bike (without pedals)
22.6.14 first poo in toilet
15.4.14 one deep cut in chin at krippe, one real stitch without anaesthetic
28.4.2014 Finally pottytrained - in pants all weekend, But not yet for poos!

It's the weekend
Rainbow Song
dum dum dum
Twinkle Twinkle
mit der fingerli

words & phrases
Walk to the plank
splash in the water
That's perfect
snuggle down (when going to bed)
It was only an accdident (this is said a lot!)
Funky monkey juice
I like mine teddy
likkle likkle teddy
my teddy is very very beautiful
All by mine self
I really like water
the train is on the track
me too
ipeed train
Watch likkle likke funny? (ie watch television?)
schmiedi wiedikon
bahnbof wiedikon
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