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Helen Palmer

Markus at 55 to 59 months

Month 59, 58
month 59 month 58
Month 57, 56, 55
month 57 month 56 month 55

As I posted earlier this week, markus is in his last week of Kinderkrippe (nursery) and starts Kindergarten on August 11th. Time is flying past so fast :-)
He got his first (proper) bike in June from his mate Jamie. Markus has been riding an isla "like a bike" ie without pedals for 2 years now. It took him less than 60 seconds to get on bike and ride off - I was completely unprepared!

We have been working hard on learning the days of the week and what happens each day. We have a chart on the fridge which tells everyone where they are each day. He had been asking lots of questions before this, trying to get a handle on the shape of our week:
Is it the weekend?
Is it Kinderkrippe?
Will Venus be there?

His drawing and letters have really improved in the last months. He draws and draws and draws (and pictures are beginning to look like pictures) and then he explains what it is!
He is also into role playing, the favourite at the moment is being a shop keeper. He sets up shop, but no doesn't put any goods on display, then gives you one choice of car, plane, penguin and always charges me 100chf - right little swiss shopkeeper!

We discovered a while back that he did have some hearing loss and on 1.4.14 he had two grommits put in under general anaesthetic and now he hears a lot better :-) the day after the operation he said "Mummy, don't talk so loud!"

Actions and songs
Walk to the plank, walk to the plank
It's the weekend
Rainbow Song
dum dum dum
Twinkle Twinkle
mit der fingerli

Other words and phrases
Mummy, why dont' you like your hair bumpy? (on watching me straighten my hair with hair irons)
I told him that i had gone for a run in my lunch break - "Mummy, why did your lunch break?"
thats amazing!
He remembered today that aunty cake doesn't like mushrooms (like him) and that i don't like peas
"Mummy, you told me that once"
"i am like an elephant, aren't I?"
Talking about visiting Josefswiese park with padding pool
"Mummy, that's a marvellous idea!"
"opening an egg" (rather than cracking an egg)
Did you have a nice sleep? What did you dream?
Let me think
put it off (for turn it off)
put it out (for take it out)
"tell me why..."
"i always like going to jamie's house. that's my best place"
jaffic jam
all of a suddenly
sofa room (for living room)
Can you push me bit further please?
Me - Do you want to watch in Ger or Eng? "I want to watch like we talk"
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