Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Happy 3rd Birthday Patrick

Well, as tradition dictates, the evening before Patrick's birthday, I'm baking cakes and painting tshirts!
He is entering the pirate phase, hence the design! The cake has been baked and will be iced tomorrow. Then I will do a new cake for his party on sunday.
I find it hard to credit, but he is a proper little boy now. By no stretch of the imagination is he a toddler. He talks A LOT (we understand about 60%!), he throws the odd tantrum, he comes in for kisses and rapsberries on the neck and he is my little charmer.

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY PATRICK - we will have a lot of celebrations the next couple of days. Mummy has been running around like a mad woman, buying presents and getting the party ready....
Tags: birthday, creative, pmm

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