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Running scared and stupid!

Tomorrow I am running the Winterthur Half Marathon and I am stupidly nervous. There are probably only a few thousand (or less) people running it & I have this vision of everyone running off and leaving me behind! The last few weekends i have run 10 or 10.5 miles and have felt pretty good. So actually, my only goal is to run the distance and get it under my belt. I am running with a tactic of 8 mins running, 1 min walking, trying to average 12 minute miles and get in under 2hrs 40mins. Last time I ran a half marathon it was 1999, I was a lot younger and did it in 2 hours 29mins :-)

The only person I am competing against is myself and I just need to settle in and run my own race, treat it like a training run :-) I have just made a playlist of 49 banging tracks which takes me to 2hrs 45! I need to start increasing my mileage for the New York marathon which is in November. Sounds a long time, but my 16 week schedule starts July 14th! I just need to get round the 13 miles in good shape. In September I will run another half my with my best mate Sal and then I can start to improve my time.

Wish me luck - will report back on the other side! and if I do this, it's another @40 challenge knocked off the list!