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Running realities

My running low of last Sunday has been replaced by the emotional roller coaster of watching the London Marathon on BBC and following the runmummyrun twitter feed. Very proud at our great British spirit and people's stories and ability to do great things for charity! Feeling more inspired to pull my running socks up and up my game for the New York Marathon in November.

My Next races are 10 miler in Berne on 10th May (perfect birthday celebration) and then a half marathon in Winterthur on 1st June. Then 10K later on in June in Berne again, plus Sept is the Greifensee Halfmarathon.

Last weekend was the Zurich marathon, and I did the 10k with my friend Andrea, who turned out to be a LOT speedier than I reckoned for! We went off at a blistering pace and after a few kilometres, went our separate ways :-) But I never quite got my pace back. I was disappointed with my result, 1hr 8mins 40secs, and because I had to walk a few times, and that I felt so bad all the way round. Plus the official photos are awful :-)

But then I did a reality check. I am getting quicker (Silvesterlauf last Dec was 1hr 9mins 11secs, Greifenseelauf 2012 9hr 14m 30s) and I haven't been doing enough regular runs in the last few weeks, because work has been so pants. But I remind myself that I am losing weight, getting fitter, and than I do have 6 months to New York. Just need to work consistently at this!

And today i did a gently 3.5 mile run and found my slow and steady rhythm and my running mojo again!

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