Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Markus at 51, 52, 53 months

It's so hard to capture Markus in these monthly updates. Life rushes past and we forget the little things our boy does and says. In August he will start Kindergarten and a new phase of his life will start. We have chosen to send him to a private kindergarten, which offers whole day care and is open throughout the year. I think we are making the right choice, but it's always hard to really tell. I am savouring the mondays I have left with both my small boys.

month 51 month 52 month 53

Anyway, here are a selection of snippets from Markus...

Favourite phrases
only joking!
just teasing!
Have a lovely day and don't forget to have fun / go to work / go home
Have a lovely work
have a lovely day with the ducks in the water!
Stopsticks (for chopsticks)
upsanside (for upside down)

Markus is now learning about jokes, and is trying to make some up.
Today's gem
"Why did the tablet be on the bike?"
"because it was raining and wind-ing"

Bedtime.. is still a bit of a battle, but it is definitely getting easier
Their ceiling is now covered with the stars which light up when the lights go out
Music is a bit part of the bedtime routine. Favourites are "Twinkle twinkle little star", "jingle bells" (still!) and "Wind the bobbin up"
My favorite is Brahm's lullaby, which the boys call the "do do do" song
His daytime naps have finally finished
Completely toilet trained, except for nighttime

With Patrick
Is sometimes very sweet with Patrick - holds his hands, hugs him, brings him his shoes etc
Recently he held his hand out and said, "come Patrick, we'll both be first for breakfast (before Mummy)" - they ran hand in hand to the kitchen

With Friends
And we have the first few proper playdates, when his friend Venus (from Krippe) has come here to play
Tomorrow they are going there to watch a film :-)

Doing much better at swimming ,kicking, head back when doing backstroke, putting head under water to pick things up

And the other day, he made a song up...
I can sing this glass...
(starts singing) When you drink it, don't put it on the ground
(refers to me knocking over glass and spilling water the other day and/or often breaking glasses
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