Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 11 | 10st 6lb | Nov 21st

Another 2 pounds down, and I’m over half way there. 11 pounds lost and 8 to go :-) So in 11 weeks I’ve lost 11 pounds, which is slow but steady. The closer I can be to 10stone for Christmas the better. I’ll try and stay on track this week, even though we have guests and I have to be aware that my TOTM is only a week away! I AM PROUD OF MYSELF :-) This is an achievement, and I should remember it when i'm feeling down...

Mon: 1100 | 1367 | 267 over
Tues: 1100 + 92 | 1192 | 1114 | 78 under
Weds: 1100 | 1180 | 80 over
Weekly balance: 269 over
Tags: weight

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