Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolutions 2014

I don't really need any more resolutions for 2014, given my list of 40 Challenges, which include losing weight and running a half marathon in 2014!

However, here are some reminders for me:

*Read more books (I have a huge backlog, do not buy any more books until Mount TBR is a mere molehill again!)
*use my nice things up, be grateful for the abundance of good things that i have (nice pens, stationery, perfumes, cosmetics etc)
*Declutter the flat
*Write more regularly

I am doing Dry January again, so am hoping that the booze-,  and therefore TV free evenings, will make it easier to tackle some creative ideas and tasks from my 40 Challenges! 
Tags: @40, health, resolutions

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