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Helen Palmer

2013 The Year in Pictures

16.12.2013: We have had a lovely, but busy 2013! Alan has been busy with his MBA studies and I am doing 40 personal challenges in this significant year! Markus and Patrick are at a great age and play well together most of the time! They love "reading books" and are fascinated by our iphones / tablets / laptops. We have had lots of visitors and have been on several trips, including a weekend on a farm in the black forest and a week in Vienna in the autumn. The year ended with advent & christmas visits from my family.

2013 Year in Pictures

1st row, left to right
Jan: Mags comes to visit
Feb: 3 boys and a laptop
Mar: Best Friends!
Apr: Kate and Helen at Eddie Izzard Gig

2nd row, left to right
May: Helen's surprise 40th Birthday Party
May: Sheffield Trip
July: with Horlachers in Schwarzwald
July: Ice cream with my parents

3rd row, left to right
Aug: Lake Picnic with Jenn and Drew
Aug;: Markus's 4th Birthday
Aug: Patrick's' 3rd Birthday
August: My Parents in Holland

4th row, left to right
Sept: Ish and Jay come to stay
Oct: Family holiday in Vienna
Nov: Stirring the Christmas Cake
Dec: Helen and Chris swim across the icy limmat river

Tags: family, friends, memories, zürich

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