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The World According to Markus...

... consists of his house, the kinderkrippe and the number 8 tram, plus the following 5 playgrounds (as seen on map, we are spoilt for choice!)
The geography of a four year old!

  • The "Train park" (aka the one next to the railway line, full of kids shouting "ZUG!" every 4 minutes)

  • The "Fire Engine park" (aka the one which has a climbing frame with a firemans pole to slide down)

  • The "Roundabout park"(aka the only one with a roundabout, they will play on it without end, then get off and stagger around)

  • The "Pirate park"(aka the one with a boat in)

  • The "New Park" (aka the one we just discovered!)


Below are the photos taken over the last nearly two years of Markus at the Fire Engine Park :-)
Markus, March 2012
2012_03 (3)2012_03 (1)

Patrick & Markus, Sept 2012
2012_09 (1)2012_09 (2)

Patrick & Markus, Sept 2013
2013_09 (2) 2013_09

Patrick & Markus, Nov 2013
2013_11 (1) 2013_11 (2)