Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick at 26 & 27 Months

In the last couple of months Patrick has changed from a toddler into a proper little boy! And his speech is really coming on!

His wilful disobedient independent streak is shown by his new phrases below!

My turn
I do it!
no mummy!

big jump
where markus? mummy? daddy?

He copies a lot of phrases from Markus and Markus often says - "Patrick can you say car auto tractor train teddy bear...?"
He also loves doing fist bumps and high fives with us and Markus.

And we are now able to hold primitive phone conversations - here's a recent example :
hello mummmy! teddy bear! bye bye *raspberry*

He charges around flat, makes comedy falls, copies Markus and is fascinated by babies!
He is obsessed with trainspotting from the tram.
Potty training continues to go well - Changing him to big boy bed is going less well!

month 26month 27
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