Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Neuland / New Frontiers

For our September monthly date I took mr.ncot to see the world premiere of "Neuland" (new Frontiers) made by a film graduate. It was a documentary film following a two year integration class for immigrant teenagers in Basel. It was shown during the Zurich Film Festival.

It was BRILLIANT. Thought provoking, touching, funny in places. When I came to Switzerland, I was not an immigrant teenager, trying to find an apprenticeship place, or learn enough German to get by. But, I really wish I had had that sort of class, to help me navigate the swiss society, the new ways of doing things, understanding how the culture clicks.

The film showed the courage and strength of these teenagers, as they tried to learn to fit in, against all the odds. At the film itself, two of the teachers and of the students took part in the Q&A session afterwards. It reminded the audience that this was a real story. The students that had found themselves apprenticeship places were at the start of an even longer story and journey in fitting in. The film deservedly won the Zurich Film Festival award for best documentary.


Tags: @40, films

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