Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Best. Beauty. Treatment. Ever - Thanks Labo Spa!

Yesterday I had the best beauty treatment ever at Labo Spa in Zürich :-) I had been given a voucher as a thank you for doing some proofreading work, so I spent it on this.

The treatment was called the De-Stressing Soother and was a peeling treatment followed by a wrap, then massage. It was just perfect. Lovely products, beautiful treatment room, the bed was a sort of water bed thingy and I pretty much fell asleep. The robes were the best ever and there is a waiting area called "Cocoon" with beds and curtains and candles and it is just WONDERFUL! (see photo) I felt very destressed after and a lovely end to my holiday. Plus, I find their customer service impeccable :-)

Just so we're clear - not a sponsored post, just think it's important to give positive feedback and pass on some good karma!

labo spa
Tags: treats

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